Monday, July 16, 2012

How To Do Side Pull Ups



Pull ups rank among the best functional strength exercises around. Today I'm going to introduce you to the side pull up. This variation on the basic pull up is important because it:

  • strengthens the biceps
  • strengthens the obliques
  • strengthens the core

This exercise challenging exercise is best for intermediate and advanced strength athletes.

How To Do Side Pull Ups

You'll need a pull up bar for this exercise. Begin by standing under the bar. Now grip the bar with a pronated and supinated grip simultaneously i.e. your left hand pronated and your right hand supinated. You should be in a perpendicular position to the bar at this point. Now, fully extend your arms. Then use your biceps and oblique muscles to pull yourself up again. Then lower yourself to the starting position again. Do this for the desired number of reps.

Side pull ups are a compound exercise that will build functional strength for the upper body. This exercise  will carry over to bench and overhead press, help create the V-shape and strengthen your back.

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