Monday, October 15, 2012

How To Do Towel Pull Ups



I'm going to present you with a few facts. Fact: pull ups are an excellent upper body exercise. Fact: deadlifts are an excellent way to develop core and lower body strength. Fact: grip strength is essential for deadlifts. Fact: lots of people have weak grips. Okay, if there was an exercise that could combine the benefit of upper body strength which can also help your deadlift, would you use it? Of course you would. So today, I'm going to show you how to do towel pull ups.

How To Do Towel Pull Ups

You'll need a bath towel cloth and neutral grip pull up bar for this exercise. Drape the towel over the neutral grip bars and grasp the towel at each end. Now use your back and shoulder muscles to pull yourself up. Stop after your chin is above the bars. Now lower yourself down again. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions. I recommend going for three sets of ten reps.

This exercise is beneficial because it strengthens your:

  • wrists
  • forearms
  • back
  • shoulders
The towel pull up exercise is so effective that you should see enhanced grip strength in a few short weeks. This will carry over to other exercises including the farmer's walk and deadlift. When you have lots of grip strength, it makes deadlifting much easier (afterall, if your wrists can't handle the weight, you can't deadlift). When your deadlift is strong, it increases your overall body strength.

There you have it! The towel pull up exercise. Use it to become stronger.

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