Monday, March 21, 2011

How To Do The Leg Press Exercise

To Develop Powerful Leg Muscles


As you've been faithfully following this blog, you know that I've posted articles about deadlifts, lunges, and squats are important for strengthening the muscles of your lower body. Today I'm adding another exercise to the list: the machine leg press. This exercise that you should add to your weight lifting arsenal because it has a lot of benefits.

Benefits of the Machine Leg Press Exercise

The leg press is a very important compound exercise because it

  • strengthens the hamstrings
  • strengthens glutes
  • strengthens thighs
  • strengthens calves
  • stimulates growth hormone production

How To Do The Leg Press Exercise

You'll need a vertical machine leg press machine for this exercise. Place the back support on a position that is best for you. The first thing you need to do is warm up. Load light weight plates (e.g. 25 pounds) onto the machine. Sit down. You must have your body positioned at a ninety degree angle with your feet on the sled. Most leg press machines are equipped with safety bars that hold the sled in place. These bars are attached to handles on either side of the seat. After you're in position, push the sled upward and away from you.

Grip the bars, turning them outward, away from the machine. This allows you to perform a full range of motion when exercising. When you push the sled up make sure that you do not fully lock out your legs. Now lower the sled back to the starting position. That's one rep. Do 5 - 7 reps for your warm up set. From here add more weight, your goal is to perform at 3 - 10 reps of the leg press. After 5 set you can move to another exercise. Each week increase the weight amount by 50 - 90 pounds until you reach a level where you are unable to perform more than 1 rep. When you reach that point, decrease the weight amount.

The leg press exercise excellent for developing whole body strength and power. This power will transfer to other lifts e.g. squats, deadlifts, and bench press. So if you haven't been doing this exercise, now might be a good time to start.

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