Monday, May 2, 2011

How To Do Hand Clap Push Ups



Do you like push ups? Sure you do. They're a fantastic compound exercise, push ups strengthen the biceps, chest and abs. You can do push ups just about anywhere, and they're a good substitute for the bench press. But doing standard push ups can get boring after a while. And we all know how dangerous boredom is. Boredom leads to slacking and slacking leads to stagnation and stagnation leads to giving up. Continuously challenging yourself is the best weapon against boredom. So I'm going to show you how to do hand clap push ups which are a fun and challenging variation on your basic push up. Pay close attention to the video in the how to section of this article to see how they're done.

How To Hand Clap Push Ups

You have to master the basic push up before you can do the hand claps. You need a flat horizontal surface. Put both palms on the floor, make sure that they're shoulder width apart. Extend both legs, you'll be supporting your body weight on the balls of your feet and palms. Keep your back straight and lower your chest to within an inch of the floor. Now push yourself back up again in an explosive movement. This is critical to the next part of the exercise. At the top of the movement, clap your hands together, then quickly place your palms down on the floor again. If you don't push yourself up with enough force you won't be able to clap your hands. If you're too slow placing your palms back on the floor, then you'll fall flat on it. A successful hand clap push up is: lower + PUSH UP + CLAP.

Hand clap push ups hone your reflexes, build up your endurance and help you develop a stronger body. Go for at least ten reps rest then go again. Don't be surprised if you don't finish more than a few reps when you first start out. It takes practice to become good at hand clap push ups. But if you'll get better if you stick with them.

Summer is getting closer day by day. Are you going to have the same body that you had last year or are you going to become stronger, leaner and more powerful? Get to the gym and start working out. Today.

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