Monday, June 13, 2011

How To Do The Machine Lateral Side Raise



Today I'm going to show you the machine lateral raise which is an alternative to the dumbbell lateral raise exercise.

How To Do The Machine Lateral Side Raise

You'll need access to a lateral raise machine. Some machines are equipped with pads, others don't have pads but the principle is the same. You'll need to do a warm up set, this loosens up your muscles and gives you a feel for the exercise. Stand facing the machine with your feet shoulder width apart. Grasp the hand grips. Now, take a deep breath and use your shoulder muscles to lift the weight until your arms are at shoulder height. Now, breathe out as you lower your arms to your sides. That's one rep. Complete nine more reps and then add more weight.

You need to add enough weight to create a challenge for your muscles. Strength building range is four to six reps, if your plan is to tone your muscles then perform eight or ten repetitions. Go for five sets up the machine lateral raise, then do other shoulder exercises e.g. pull ups, dips, etc.

The machine lateral raise is very useful because it:
  • trains the lateral deltoid muscles
  • trains the muscles in your upper back
  • gives you another option for training your lateral delts
Although free weights are the strength trainer/weight lifter's best choice, you should discount machine weights. Put another way, if you get to the gym only to find that all of the free weights are taken, are you just gonna go home? If you really want to become stronger, you'll use everything that's available to you including machines, body weight exercises, etc.

Summer's almost here. Are you ready for it?

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