Monday, July 25, 2011

How To Do The Standing Barbell One Arm Chest Press



Today I'm going to show you an incredibly effective body strengthening compound exercise. Compound exercises are popular in athletics because they train multiple muscle groups simultaneously thereby accelerating muscular strength and growth. The standing barbell one arm chest press exercise I'm going to show you is useful because it:

  • strengthens your pecs
  • strengthens your shoulders
  • strengthens your triceps
  • strengthens your biceps
  • strengthens your back
  • strengthens your core
It's an exercise which you won't find in many gyms, but is definitely one that you should add to your weight lifting arsenal.

How To Do The Standing One Arm Chest Press With Barbell

You'll need an Olympic bar and weight plates for this exercise. Always start out with a warm up set because this will help your body acclimate to the exercise and help you to develop proper form. Place the bar on the floor with one end perpendicular to the wall (it must be touching the wall). Add a ten pound weight plate to the end closest to you. Next, raise the bar (with weight plate) until it's at a 135 degree angle. Secure your body weight on your forward leg (in this set it should be your right leg) while simultaneously holding the bar with your right hand. Now, use your chest muscles to press the bar away from your body until your arm is fully extended (for many people this would be a 120 angle). Next, pull your arm back toward your chest; that's one rep. Repeat this action nine more times. After finishing up ten reps with your right arm, place your body weight on your left leg. Grasp the bar with your left arm and repeat the steps above for a total of ten reps.

Once you've completed your warm up set, add more weight. You want to perform four to six reps per set for a total of five sets. To develop strength more efficiently, add five pounds in weekly increments. This exercise will build a considerable amount of upper body strength - you're pressing the weight of the bar plus the plate. The standing one arm barbell chest press is a great workout for the chest and whole body. It won't take very long before you see carry over to your bench press and other upper body exercises.

Nick Drake's got a fantastic song about a guy who kept going on about what he could have been. He regretted everything because he never took action. Hesitation was his defeat. You're reading this blog because you want a stronger, healthier body. Do something about it. Get off the computer and start working out. Now is the time.

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