Monday, August 22, 2011

How To Do The Turkish Get Up With Dumbbell



The Turkish get up is one of the less talked about exercises which is a shame because it happens to be very good for developing coordination and strength. The Turkish get up is an important core exercise because it:

  • improves balance
  • improves strength
  • improves posture
  • improves coordination
This is an exercise that you should definitely add to your training routine. And today I'm going to show you how they're done.

How To Do The Turkish Get Up With Dumbbell

There are many different ways to do the Turkish get up; some folks prefer kettle bells or barbells, but novices or less coordinated people should start out with light weight dumbbells (which is the focus of this article). Grab a light weight dumbbell and lie flat on your back. Extend your left leg while bringing your right foot alongside your left knee. Grasp the dumbbell with your right hand and hold it over head. Make sure that your arm is locked out. With your right foot firmly on the floor beside your left knee, push your weight onto your left elbow. Bring yourself to a sitting position while keeping the right arm locked and fully extended above your head. You should now be supporting your weight on your right foot and left palm. Next, bring your left foot back so that some of your body weight is supported on the balls of your left foot. All the while keep your right arm locked and fully extended above your head. Finally, push yourself to a standing position, while keeping the dumbbell above your head. Congratulations! You've just completed one rep of the Turkish get up.

For fun (and to make it a two part exercise), do the Turkish get up in reverse. Go from the standing position to lying flat on your back while holding the dumbbell in your right hand (all the while keeping your arm locked out). You can do it.

Turkish get ups take some getting used to, they're good for developing core strength i.e. strong abs, and back, but require a lot of concentration and balance. You're recruiting muscles in your legs, abdominals, back, shoulders and arms. Practice five per side then increase the weight by five pounds. Go for twenty reps of the Turkish get up and then do other strength training exercises. Each week increase the weight amount in five pound increments, but if you find yourself losing balance while coming up from the floor, it means that you're not ready for that weight amount.

Summer is almost over and a new school season is just around the corner. Put yourself through intense mental and physical training to sharpen your mind as well as your body. Then you'll be on the right track to accomplishing what you want in life.

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