Monday, September 26, 2011

"How To Do Close Grip Chin Ups"



Hey, guys! Today I'm going to tell you about an often overlooked but very remarkable compound exercise: close grip chin ups. Why is this exercise so remarkable? Close grip chin ups have many benefits including:

  • strong triceps
  • strong shoulders
  • strong forearms
  • strong back
  • helps develop the V taper
It's also very easy to learn, so let's get started.

How To Do Close Grip Chin Ups

You'll need a chin up/pull up bar for this exercise. (Note: this exercise is for immediate to advanced strength trainers. To learn more about the basic chin up exercise watch my chin up video.) Grip the bar with both hands. Make sure that your palms are facing you (supine grip) and that both of them are touching. Now use your biceps and upper back muscles to pull yourself up. **Do not use your legs in this exercise. Some people like to "kick" or swing themselves upward, but this assistance defeats the entire purpose of chin ups.** Once you've pulled your chin above the bar, you can lower yourself down again. That's one rep. Perform ten to fifteen reps then take a break before going again. I would recommend doing no more than one hundred reps (divide them over multiple sets).

Close grip chin ups are a tougher version of the standard chin up because the latter places a lot of emphasis on your forearms. The long term benefits of this are massive forearms, incredible grip strength and a strong back. Thus the close grip chin up has carryover advantages for other exercises e.g. deadlifts,bench press. It's also good for developing the classic "V" shape. The best time to do them is on back day or chest day.

Do you want to become stronger and healthier? Of course you do. Now's your chance, guys. Seize the moment and do it.

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