Monday, December 19, 2011

How To Do The Seated Barbell Shoulder Press (Even If You've Never Lifted Weights In Your Life)



You want wider shoulders, what guy doesn't? Today I'm going to show you how to develop them by doing a remarkable barbell exercise. Some of the benefits of the barbell shoulder press include:

  • wider shoulders
  • larger chest
  • strong core
Today, you're going to learn how this compound exercise is done.

How To Do Seated Barbell Shoulder Press
You'll need an Olympic bar and seated shoulder press station or squat rack and a bench for this exercise. You're going to start out with a warm up set so add a ten pound weight to each end of the Olympic bar. Place the barbell on the rungs above your head. Reach up and use a pronated grip (palms away from you) to grasp the bar. Use a wide grip because this will make your shoulder muscles do most of the work.

Now lift the bar from the rungs and extend your arms above your head until they lockout. Next, lower the barbell toward your chest. Hold for a two second count then press the weight above your head until your arms lockout. That's one rep. Breathe normally throughout the exercise, exhale as you lower the bar and inhale before you press it up. Do ten reps then stop.

Get up from the bench and grab more weight. You want to add enough weight to achieve four to six reps per set (to increase muscular strength) without fatigue. Use a spotter if possible, this is to minimize your chances of injury. To develop size and strength you need to perform four to six reps for a total of three sets. This is a slow progression exercise, meaning that it will take most of you longer to develop enough strength to press heavier weights. Normally, you should increase them amount you lift in ten pound monthly increments.

The seated barbell shoulder press is an advanced version of the seated dumbbell shoulder press but can lead to faster strength gains because you'll be pressing more weight.

The barbell shoulder press will stimulate the release of testosterone causing your become stronger and increasing the size of your muscles. If you dedicate yourself to this exercise, you'll definitely see results.

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