Monday, January 23, 2012

Get A Grip With Door Grabs



Say that you pick up a heavy object only for it to fall crashing to the floor because your grip is too weak. What are you gonna do? Today I'm going to show you how to do door grabs - one of the easiest gripping exercises you'll ever learn.

How To Do Door Grabs

You'll need a door with hinges that are strong enough to support your weight. Grasp the open door with your thumb and forefinger. Pretend that you're sitting in an imaginary reclining chair. Lean back in the opposite direction of the door until your arm is fully extended. Hold this position for 60 seconds then switch hands and repeat for another 60 seconds. Continue alternating between both hands until you've completed twenty reps (ten minutes per side).

You might notice that you'll have greater difficulty maintaining your grip once you get past the fifth or sixth rep. That's normal. Just do the best you can until you've completed ten reps for both hands. If you can't hold your grip for at least thirty seconds on your first rep, it means that you have a lot of work to do. But keep it up because like any other exercise, regular training yields results.

Door grabs build functional strength which means it will help you to maintain a solid grip on heavy objects with little chance of dropping them. In terms of weight lifting, door grabs are beneficial for deadlifts, cleans, dumbbell rows, farmers walk, etc.

That's it for this week. Look forward to next week's article on Great Chest and Whole Body Workouts.

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