Monday, February 6, 2012

How To Do Two Arm Inclined Bench Dumbbell Row



You need a strong back, it protects your posture and helps you perform heavy lifts (like moving furniture an appliances). Today I'm going to show you a dumbbell row exercise that will get your back into shape.

How To Inclined Bench Two Arm Dumbbell Rows

You'll need an inclined bench and a pair of dumbbells for this exercise. Grab two light weight dumbbells because you're going to start out with a warm up set. Place the dumbbells on the floor on either side of the bench. Position yourself on the bench so that you chest is on the bench pad. Reach down and pick up one dumbbell with each hand. Make sure that your palms are facing each other.

Now, pull the dumbbells upward toward your chest. Squeeze your shoulder blades together at the top of the movement. Now lower the dumbbells back to the floor. That's one rep. Repeat this nine more times then grab a pair of heavier weighted dumbbells. Strength trainers should go for heavy weights and low reps, muscle toners should go for high reps at low weights. 

Inclined bench dumbbell rows target the upper back, hitting the trapezius muscle; it also strengthens your arms and wrists.

These exercise will benefit your upper body, giving you added strength and muscular definition. It will also help you to develop the "v taper". So make sure to add the two arm inclined bench dumbbell row to your fitness arsenal.

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