Monday, May 7, 2012

How To Do Box Squats



Squats are one of the best compound exercises that you'll ever do. Unfortunately they're also one of the most dangerous exercises around. So today I'm going to show you how to do box squats, an exercise that gives you the benefits of squats with a bit more safety thrown in.

Benefits of box squats:

  • strengthens back
  • strengthens quadriceps
  • strengthens glutes
  • strengthens hamstrings
  • strengthens abdominals
  • reduces injury for people with difficulty pressing up

How To Do Box Squats

Although this exercise is commonly referred to as a "box" squat, a sturdy bench that can support hundreds of pounds will provide you with more safety. You'll also need access to an Olympic bar and squat rack (a power rack will do). First do a warm up set. Adjust the bar to a level that you can place it on the back of your shoulders. You can add one five pound plate to each end of the bar. Make sure the box is tall enough to allow you to achieve a squat that is parallel to the floor.

Now, step under the bar and placing both hands on it to steady the weight. Now step back from the rack. While keeping your back straight, squat until your glutes come into contact with the bench. Use your leg muscles to push yourself to upright position. That's one box squat. Do this for nine more repetitions.

Now, add more weight, but not too much. The safest way is to add enough weight that you can squat without losing your balance. Do three sets of five repetitions then stop.

Each week add more weight. Box squats qualify as a powerlifting exercise therefore it will stimulate increased production of testosterone causing your muscles to become larger and more powerful. This will have carryover strength to other heavy lifts including presses and deadlifts.

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