Monday, May 24, 2010

How To Do Cable Crossovers

Is a fantastic exercise for the upper body



It's important to regularly challenge muscles if we ever want them to become stronger. Today I'm going to discuss the cable crossover exercise which is great for working the chest and other muscles of the upper body.

Performing the cable crossover

You'll need a cable machine for this exercise. Set the weights at an appropriate level. While facing away from the machine, take a handle grip in both hands. Your hands should be at chest level. Plant one foot in front of the other. You'll place most of your weight on your front foot. Now leaning slightly forward at the waist, pull both arms toward each other. You'll do this in an arc motion using the muscles of your chest to perform the action. Stop when your grips are almost touching each other. Hold this position for a 3 second count, while squeezing your chest muscles at the same time. Now reverse the action, moving your arms back to the starting position. You've just completed one rep. For this exercise to be effective, you'll need resistance. Unless you are completely new to exercise training or advised by your doctor to not participate in strenuous exercise, you should set the amount at a reasonable weight. The purpose of this exercise is to work the chest, triceps and shoulder muscles - all of which need strengthening for bench press exercises. Perform ten repetitions then take a break and start again. As you become stronger, you should increase the weights. If your goal is to become larger, go for heavy weights at lower reps. If your aim is to tone the muscle, then perform more repetitions at a lower weight.

That's all for the cable crossover exercise. Look forward to more articles on my Great Chest Workouts website. Thanks for reading.

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