Monday, May 17, 2010

How To Do Tricep Cable Pushdown

Is an exercise that strengthens the upper body



The cool thing about compound exercises is that they train multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Take the tricep cable extension exercise which is the topic of today's article. As the name implies, you'd probably think that it's a workout for the triceps. And you'd be correct - almost. Actually this exercise trains many major groups including the triceps, shoulders, upper back, abdominals, wrists and chest. As you've probably noticed from reading all of the articles in my Great Chest Workouts series, the best exercises for developing the chest will also be those which recruit other muscles, too.

Performing the Tricep Cable Pushdown

You'll need a cable tricep pushdown machine for this exercise. Using an overhand grip, grasp the bars in both hands. Stand shoulder width apart. Make sure to keep your back straight and abs tight. Now push the weight down to your waist until your elbows lock out at the bottom of the move. You'll be using muscles in your chest, arms, back, abdominals, wrists and shoulders to do this. Once you've locked out at the bottom of the move, return to the starting position. The bars should stop at chest level. Beginners should start out with light weights and go for high repetitions, advanced and experienced trainers should lift heavier weights.

Another way to do the tricep cable pushdown is to stand with one foot just in front of the other. This is a stance that some people prefer because it allows them to maintain balance while performing the exercise. Some people may do this as they increase the amount of weight that they use.

This is an exercise that can be done on back, shoulder or even chest day. It may take a little getting used to at first but stick with it and you'll notice results.

That's all for the tricep cable pushdown. Look forward to more articles on my Great Chest Workouts website. Thanks for reading.

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