Monday, June 28, 2010

Great Chest Workouts: How To Do Skullcrushers

An exercise for strength

by healthy_blogging

Today I'm going to talk about a very important exercise for the triceps. Throughout this series of articles I have emphasized the need to keep all of your upper body muscles strong because this is the only way that you will ever be able to develop your chest. The skullcrusher exercise is designed to strengthen your triceps. It can also be a very dangerous exercise if done incorrectly so proper form is crucial to this workout.

Performing Skullcrushers

You will need a light weight barbell and a flat bench. Lie down on your back. Grip the bar at shoulder width distance and hold the bar above your chest. Now bend your elbows and slowly lower the bar to just beyond your head. Some people may opt to lower the bar to their temple, but I wouldn't recommend doing so because of the danger of the bar hitting your head. After you have lowered the bar to just beyond your head, straighten your arms bringing the weight back up to the starting position above your chest. Repeat the process for a total of 10 - 15 reps. If you have weak wrist muscles or grip strength you may want to use lighter weights or skip the skullcrusher exercise until you have strengthened those muscles. After you have learned to use proper form and become stronger, you can increase the amount of weight that you lift. And this will transfer over to better numbers on your bench presses.

Okay, that is all for this article. Look forward to more articles on my Great Chest Workouts website. Thanks for reading.

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