Monday, June 21, 2010

Read This! Do Smith Machine Benches For A Great Chest Workout

Must Have Information For Those Times That You Don't Have A Spotter



Okay. So you're all motivated to get in some benching exercises at the gym. You've been making progress and lifting more and more weight. The guys at the gym have been good enough to spot you and this has helped you make good progress. So you get to the gym, set up the bench press but there's nobody who is willing or able to spot you. What then? No worries if your gym is equipped with a Smith Machine.

What Is a Smith Machine?

The Smith Machine is a weight lifting apparatus with a fixed barbell and has a series of slots into which the barbell can be secured (1). This type of machine is good for those who do not train with a spotter. Depending on the type of bench or seat that the lifter uses, inclined, declined and flat bench presses can be performed with the Smith Machine. The hooks are attached to the bar so all the lifter has to do is twist the bar toward the slots to secure it after a lift. Although the Smith Machine was designed to make weight lifting safer, always sue common sense when using any exercise equipment. You still need to be mindful of proper form and not lift beyond what your body is ready to do.

So the next time you want to hit those chest muscles but can't find a spotter, try the Smith Machine. If used properly it just might become one of your favorite machines.

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