Monday, September 27, 2010

How To Do Decline Push Ups For A Great Chest Workout

A Challenging Push Up Exercise That You Will Love



Last week I showed you how to do triangle push ups. Now I'm going to show you a push up exercise that is so incredible that you're going to want to do them right away! What am I talking about? The decline push up exercise. Why is this exercise so cool? I'll lay it out for you. Inclined push ups

  • strengthen the chest
  • strengthen the triceps
  • strengthen the core
  • build endurance
  • build stamina
  • are fun to do

But you need to know how to do them first. That's what I'm going to talk about next.

How To Perform Decline Push Up

You'll need a flat bench or a chair for this exercise. Place your palms on the floor spaced shoulder width apart. Next, put your feet on the bench. This puts you at an incline and makes your upper body work harder. Now, lower your chest to the floor then push yourself back up again. Make sure that your back is straight and your abs tight. Go for ten reps, rest then go for ten more. Perform five sets of inclined push ups and then you're done. If you're good at push ups increase the reps and/or sets. This is an advanced exercise that will do a lot for your chest, triceps and abs. Maintaining alignment also helps your stabilizer muscles, too, in this instance your legs. The fun thing about push ups is that you can mix things up. You can perform inclined triangle push ups just to make the exercise even more exciting.

Declined push ups are ideal for developing upper body strength, particularly in the chest. Add them in with your bench press exercises. As a matter of fact, the inclined push up is a lot like the inclined bench press only a lot safer because it doesn't put the undue strain on your shoulder muscles that then bench will.

So now that I've shown you how to do declined push ups, it's up to you to do them. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and do them! And remember to be safe and have fun!

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