Monday, October 4, 2010

17 Exercises That Will Make You Stronger and Boost Athletic Performance Without Juicing!!!

Clean Workouts Reap The Best Rewards



These days a lot of people have become cynical and even down right suspicious of athletes. Really, though, can you blame them? When an entire Olympic weight lifting team is forced to withdraw for juicing, MMA fighters test positive for steroids, and "heroes" of major league baseball are investigated for using performance enhancing drugs, it's almost as if anyone in sports who has made a name for himself or herself has cheated to get it. What's the point of all the juicing anyway, huh? A lot of dopers think juicing will give them an edge that makes them better than anyone else. And there's no way to be powerful unless you juice, right?

Well, I don't agree with that. As a matter of fact, I'm here to tell you that you can get strong without taking drugs. And right off the top of my head are 17 - yep, count 'em - SEVENTEEN - exercises that will give you fantastic upper body strength without wasting your body using drugs. Are you ready? Here we go:

1. Inclined Push Up. This body weight exercise will do wonders for your chest and tris. All you need is a chair, bench or box to place your feet on. Doing push ups on an incline gives the benefits of a inclined bench press exercise without damaging your shoulder muscles.

2. Dumbbell Flyes. Are you lagging in chest strength? Want to press heavier? Then do't skip out on this exercise. The dumbbell fly is the perfect on target exercise for the chest. The key to this workout is using your chest muscles to bring the dumbbells together WITHOUT allowing them to touch. And this exercise is worth it. Do them and you'll see.

3. Machine Hammer Tricep Extensions. This exercise increases the size and tone of the triceps muscle and has carryover benefits for the bench press. They key to this exercise is all in the grip.

4. Inclined Bench Barbell Press. This exercise targets the upper pecks. Consistent training on this exercise will yield big rewards.

5. Hammer Grip Inclined Bench Dumbbell Press. If your muscles don't develop at the same pace, it can delay you in reaching big lifts. This exercise helps prevent that because it trains each side of the chest to carry its own weight.

6. Declined Bench Barbell Press. Get ready to fire up your lower pecks with the declined bench barbell press. Get in five sets of this exercise and mix it up with any of the other exercises on this list and you'll notice an increase in strength.

7. Dumbbell Lateral Raise. This exercise hits the upper back, neck and shoulder muscles to give you power in your upper body. Do some reps and find out for yourself.

8. Push Press. This exercise is a variation on the military press that has great carryover to benching exercises. Be warned: the push press is very demanding on the entire body. If incredible upper body strength is what you're after then this is the exercise for you.

9. Dumbbell Pullovers. Your chest muscles get a serious workout in this exercise. It all comes down to the stretch action when you lower the dumbbell at the bottom on the exercise. Once you do them, you'll feel it first hand.

10. Close Grip Flat Bench Barbell Press. By altering your hand position on the bar, you can target certain muscle groups. This one hits the triceps which ultimately contributes to heavier benching.

11. Skullcrushers. Nah, these won't crush your skull if you do them correctly. Skullcrushers are a gem of an exercise for the triceps and if you do them regularly you'll notice how much they can help your benching exercises.

12. Isometric Chest Hand Press. This is an exercise that you can do anywhere and just about anytime you want. All you need are your hands. Just place them together and push. The force you exert against yourself is generated through the chest muscles. They're fun. Try them yourself.

13. Tricep Extensions. The basic tricep extension exercise strengthens your tris, abs, wrists and overall balance as you slowly lower the weight behind your head then lift it back up again. These are best done standing for maximum benefit.

14. Cable Crossovers. The cable machine can be one of the most effective weapons in your chest strengthening arsenal. The cable crossover targets the upper chest through arc motion. This is intense resistance training.

15. Tricep Cable Push Down. This exercise targets the tris, abs, upper back, wrists and shoulders. Use an overhand grip when doing this exercise.

16. Bent Over Dumbbell Row. Grab yourself a dumbbell and bench. This exercise builds power in the abs, lower back, traps, biceps and wrists. All of these are essential muscles for developing a great chest.

17. Pec Decks. This exercise hits the upper pecks. Position yourself on the stationary pec deck machine. It's one of the easiest chest exercises that you can learn.

And this is just a short list! There are lots of ways to boost strength and power through solid workouts. It's all about hard work and commitment. Most of the roid "athletes" are afraid of pain and hard work. So they cheat. But guys, is it really worth the shrunken testicles and cancer? As for the women, I have to tell you that most guys - me included - are turned off by unfeminine females who have lost their feminine sex appeal because they doped up on steroids just to get stronger. There are many athletic women who are sexy, curvy, feminine and strong. They look sexy because they've done it the right way without taking short cuts. Then there's the fines, suspensions, the disgrace of disqualification and being labeled a doper. No money, no life, no fame, no game. That's one way to get noticed, huh? Way to go, "champ". Who in their right mind wants that? No thanks. I'll stick to good old fashioned hard work and patience. It works for me.

Pick any one of the exercises on my list, do them. Train hard using your own blood, sweat and tears. See how much stronger you will become. I dare you not to.

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