Monday, October 11, 2010

Great Chest Workouts: How To Do Upright Barbell Rows

The Barbell Vertical Row Is A Compound Lift For The Upper Body



Everyone who want a strong upper body must read this article! There's no way that you'll ever be able to develop a strong chest if your upper body is weak. And the only real way to get stronger is healthy diet, rest, and yep, you guessed it, heavy exercise. This time I'm going to teach you how to do the vertical dumbbell row. It's an exercise that you'll definitely want to add to your routine.

How To Do The Upright Barbell Row

Upright (also known as "vertical") barbell rows are work the back, chest, shoulders, biceps and forearms. This makes the upright barbell row a compound lift and therefore one of the best exercises for strength. You'll need a barbell and weight plates for this exercise (if you have very little experience with weightlifting, it's okay to just use the bar). You can place the bar on the floor or a platform. Bend your knees and grip the bar. Make sure that your hands are about six inches apart. Stand up holding the bar at waist level. Now pull the bar up until it is under your chin. You'll do this in a vertical movement. Your elbows should be pointing away from your body. Hold this position for a three second count. Now lower it to the starting position. You've completed one rep. Remember to inhale at the top of the lift then exhale as you lower it again. Don't jerk the weight upward. There is an exercise called the snatch which does require a quick action of lifting weight from the floor to overhead position but that's not what the vertical row is about. Take it slow, this builds muscular strength. Do five sets of the vertical row with ten reps per set. Each week increase the weights by five pounds while trying to maintain the same number of reps. After you get to lifting heavy weights, you'll notice this will become much more difficult. By that time, you'll have to lower the number of reps and increase the number of sets.

The upright barbell row pays dividends. Not only will you have a strong back, the testosterone boost you get from heavy lifting will stimulate muscle growth. This will transfer to the pressing workouts that you do to develop a great chest. So don't sit around wondering if you can do them. Just get out there and DO them.

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