Monday, November 22, 2010

How To Do Triceps Dips

Strong triceps enhance the ability of your bench press



By now you can see that this blog talks about workouts that you may have never thought would help you develop a great chest. The thing is, taken together everyone of these workouts will help you to build a strong body and which has a direct effect on your chest. And I'm going to show you the triceps dip, exercise that will definitely help you develop stronger upper body muscles in your arms, chest and back. What's so great about them? Here are three immediate benefits of triceps dips:

  • stronger triceps means you can bench more weight
  • increase the size of your triceps
  • enhances your endurance
This is an exercise that you should learn because it is so important to you getting the most out of your chest workouts. And they can be done using parallel bars and if you don't have a pair of those around, they can even be done using a chair, or bench

How To Do Triceps Dips for Chair or Bench

You'll need a bench or chair for this exercise. If you're using a chair or a bench, place your palms face down on its surface. Extend your legs forward and balance yourself on the heels of your feet. Now, slowly lower yourself to an angle of less than 90 degrees. Pause for a second then use your triceps to push yourself back up again. Perform eight to ten reps of this exercise, rest and then repeat for five sets.

How To Do Triceps Dips With Parallel Bar

Most gyms have a dip exercise station, but if they don't you can still do this exercise with a pair of parallel bars. Position yourself between the two bars. Grip one in each hand. Use the steps to get yourself into the starting position. Keep your back straight. Now lower yourself down until your arms are parallel to the floor. Next, push yourself up again using your TRICEPS. Make sure that your elbows don't lock at the top of the movement. Perform ten reps then rest before doing another set. Go for five sets then move to another exercise.

If your triceps and shoulder muscles are very underdeveloped you can perform assisted dips. In this case, you'll need to climb onto a lever and then follow the steps that I laid out in the previous paragraph. But I really discourage assisted dips because they delay progress instead of helping it. The whole idea behind the triceps dip is to strengthen that muscle. Any assistance takes away the benefit. If you have trouble with dips, there are a couple of things you can do

  1. perform barbell or dumbbell shrugs to strengthen your shoulders
  2. perform exercises on triceps machine or triceps push ups
  3. keep practicing the triceps dip exercise until you become more proficient and stronger

This isn't an easy exercise for most people. In my gym, I rarely see anyone doing them. Triceps dips, is just like any other exercise: practice, practice and practice some more and gradually you'll get better at them. And then you'll notice that you're able to perform better bench presses because your triceps will have become much stronger. And from a sex appeal point of view, women love it when a guy has big arms and a developed chest. Yep, those are a couple extra incentives for adding this exercise to your routine. This is a way to get bigger arms without weights. Triceps dips is an exercise that can be done at home or at the gym. So you see? You don't have any excuses left. Don't sit around just reading, get out there and do them!

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