Monday, November 29, 2010

How To Do Dumbbell Shrugs

Strong Shoulders Makes For A Stronger Chest



The shoulders are essential to a strong upper body. You won't be able to lift very much if your shoulders are weak. And this will have an effect on development of your chest muscles. So what can we do to keep the shoulders in shape? Train them. And that's where shrugs come in.

Dumbbell shrug benefits

The dumbbell shrug has many benefits including:

  • builds strong shoulders
  • increases shoulder size
  • improves posture
Just from reading this short list, there's no excuse for not doing dumbbell shrugs.

How to Dumbbell Shrugs

You'll need a pair of dumbbells for this exercise. Take a dumbbell in each hand. Stand up straight while sticking your chest out. The dumbbells must be at your sides. Now shrug. Yes, shrug. Raise your shoulders up then lower them down again. That's the dumbbell shrug. This is an action many of us do in normal body language. The only thing that you're doing now is adding weight which creates resistance. This exercise is very easy, so try for a minimum of fifteen repetitions per set. Rest for thirty seconds then do it again for a total of five sets. Each week increase the weights in five pound increments. You can also do dumbbell shrugs from a seated position. Sit down on a chair or bench, keeping your knees together. That's the only difference between seated and standing dumbbell shrugs.

If done properly you'll notice improved posture, increased size and strength of your shoulders. This has an indirect benefit for chest strengthening exercises because dips and bench press rely on strong shoulder muscle. Plus, when you've got good posture it increases overall attractiveness.

That's all for dumbbell shrugs. In an upcoming post I'll discuss barbell shrugs. Now's the time to get off the computer and workout. It's the only way to become stronger. Get started. Now.

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