Monday, December 6, 2010

How To Do The Barbell Upright Row

Upright Rows Boost Upper Body Strength



Months ago I demonstrated bent over rows because I know how effective they are as a great chest and upper body workout. Now I'm going to tell you about the barbell upright row exercise. If you want to build upper body strength and muscle you must do this exercise.

Benefits of the barbell upright row

What's so great about the barbell upright row? Easy. The barbell upright row:

  • improves your bench press
  • improves shoulder and arm
  • strengthens the back
  • increases upper body strength
That's just a short list of what this exercise can do for you. Anyone who wants to become bigger and stronger must learn the barbell upright row.

How to do the Barbell Upright Row

This exercise can be taxing on the shoulders so correct form is extremely important!!! You'll need a barbell for this exercise. There are two ways to perform the barbell upright row depending on which muscle groups you want to train the most. If you want to train the outside of your shoulders (deltoid muscles), then the wide grip is best. Target the trapezius muscle (which spans the back of the neck, shoulders and upper back) with the close grip. Safety first!! The barbell upright row can cause shoulder injury if you don't do them correctly. Make sure to practice good form during this exercise.

Grip the bar with both hands (wide or close grip). Stand up straight with your legs positioned shoulder width apart. Relax your arms, the barbell should be at or below your waist. Slowly raise the bar up. If you're working delts, inhale as you bring the bar up to parallel. Hold for a three second count, exhale then slowly lower it to starting position. Perform ten reps then rest. You should try to get in five sets of the barbell upright row for delts. If you're goal is to develop better traps, use a close grip. Stand up straight, take a breath then bring the bar up to your chin. Hold for a three second count, then lower the bar down again. Remember to exhale as you lower the bar. The close grip barbell upright row might be harder for you than the wide grip. That's okay, you're using different muscles for this one. Do ten reps per set for a total of five sets. 

Each week add weight to the bar. Eventually you'll reach a weight that will be much harder to lift. That's the point when your newbie gains come to an end. But by this time you should also notice larger, more powerful shoulder and back muscles. And you should be getting better numbers from your bench press by this time. This is natural, your central nervous system (CNS) has adapted to heavy weights, you will have longer periods which you'll be training at a particular weight. But this won't hold you back. You can and still should expect to push yourself. Add more volume and you'll continue to gain size and strength.

Well, that's all for the barbell upright row. Don't sit around dreaming about having a great body. Start working out now and you will become bigger and stronger.

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