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Why Juicing Is Losing



Strong men and strong women competitions are among the most spectacular sporting events you might ever witness - athletes performing such feats as the farmer's walk, tractor pulling, overhead press with boulders, and tire toss are all amazing displays of physical strength. Then the Olympic style weight lifters and bodybuilders who lift what seems to be impossibly heavy weights add to the aura and legend of humans with incredible power. When viewed from the sidelines, people may wonder how anyone can achieve such physical power. In truth, it takes hard work. Years and years and years of training, proper nutrition, rest and, to a certain extent, genetics. (I mentioned genetics last because all factors taken together, even if one is born with good genes, if he/she doesn't live healthy, that person will never reach his/her full potential.) Sadly, though, some people take short cuts to greatness; peer pressure, desperation for attention, desire for riches, etc. compel them to delve into the ugly world of anabolic steroids.

Anabolic steroid use is big money on the black market. Since it's illegal, you would think people wouldn't want to use them. But you'd be wrong: there are people who regularly use gear (and I'm not talking about weight lifting aids such as weight belts, gloves and straps - those are just training accessories) and think nothing about the side effects. Yeah, it can boost strength and performance for a while. But at what cost?

Why Juicing Is Losing

Pay attention guys, this is what juicing is likely to do TO you:

  • shrunken testicles
  • acne
  • roid rage
  • cancer
  • infertility
  • sexual dysfunction
  • man boobs (yeah, betcha didn't expect that, huh?)
  • heart trouble
  • difficulty urinating
Hey, ladies, don't think that you've been left out. Here's what you might get:

  • deep and masculine voice
  • small breasts
  • enlarged clitoris
  • irregular menstrual cycles
  • becoming too hairy
If taken during pregnancy anabolic steroids can cause:

  • male fetus to develop feminine appearance
  • female fetus to develop masculine appearance

Wow! Who in their right mind would even want to mess with that stuff?? I'm not saying that all strength athletes, bodybuilders or weight lifters use performance enhancing drugs, because they don't. They train clean. I've been a strength trainer for four years. What I love about this sport is the constant challenge, to see how much I can do in my workout. To push through self limiting thoughts and reach the next level. That's what brings me excitement about strength training. And I don't need drugs to help me feel good, to become stronger or to look sexier. I get that from hard work. I believe that is what motivates most athletes. So for all the guys out there who are thinking of taking a short cut because you're frustrated by your lack of size and strength, I say, don't do it! Besides, if you ever hope to become a pro athlete, if you test positive for drugs, strict anti-doping regulations will cause to become barred from competition. Seriously. So yeah, you might become discouraged every now and then but don't give up. Just train harder, look at your what is holding you back and shore things up. Nothing worth having ever comes easy. When you believe in yourself and train clean, you're a winner already. So just remember this: if you want to be one of the truly elite, don't cheat.

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