Monday, January 3, 2011

How To Do One Hand Pec Decks

Workin' The Chest One Side At A Time



A while back, I demonstrated how to perform the pec deck exercise. This time I'm going to talk about the one hand pec deck. This is a very important exercise that trains the pectoral muscles. We all want to develop a powerful upper body. We all want sexy chest muscles. We all want to get the best workout possible when we go to the gym. So add the one hand pec deck to your list of chest workout exercises.

How To Do the One Hand Pec Deck

The one hand pec deck (or, depending on your terminology, the one arm pec deck) is a machine exercise. So you'll need access to a stationary pec deck machine. Sit down on the bench. Brace yourself against the back support, and make sure to keep your back straight. Grasp the pec deck grip with your right hand. Place your other hand at your side. Now, use the pec muscles on the right side of your chest, bring your right arm around in an arc motion until the grip is in front of your face. Now return to the starting position. Repeat this for a total of ten reps. Switch hands and do this exercise with the left pectoral muscles. You might find this exercise more difficult than the two hand pec deck. That's okay, just keep going. After you've finished five sets per side, you're done with the pec deck workout for today.

If the muscles on one side of your chest aren't developing as fast as those on the opposite side, the one hand pec deck can help with that. When you force one side of the body to work harder it speeds up growth and development of those muscles.  And this is important because

  • it prevents injury
  • produces symmetry
  • brings the weak side on par with its stronger counterparts

If you're not doing one hand pec decks, I recommend that you add them to your routine.

Coming soon!!! I'll be demonstrating the reverse machine flye exercise. That is a post you will definitely not want to miss!

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