Monday, October 17, 2011

How To Do Box Jumps For Beginners



If you've been searching for alternatives to the squat exercise for developing strong leg muscles, I've got a great one for you: the box jump. Why are box jumps so great? They're an incredibly powerful exercise for several reasons. As a matter of fact the box jump is a plyometric exercise that

  • strengthens your quads
  • strengthens your glutes
  • strengthens your hamstrings
  • strengthens your bones and joints
  • teaches your body how to handle load 
This exercise is so important that you must add it to your strength training routine.


This article is written primarily for beginners and people who don't have a lot of lower body strength. Plyometrics are a group of exercises wherein your muscles rapidly contract, working against gravity to enable your body to leave a horizontal surface then returning again. This action teaches your body how to handle load. It requires good neuromuscular coordination and strong joints. The intent is to create faster nervous action so that body can jump higher and move faster.

Box jumps enable the body to do these things. It's one of the methods used by professional athletes e.g. basketball players to jump so high. But before you can jump like the pros, you've got to start with the basics.

How To Do Low Level Box Jumps

You'll need a sturdy box that is about six inches high ( aerobic steps will also work) and two feet wide. Make sure the box is strong enough to support your weight. Stand in front of the box with your toes pointing straight ahead, don't allow them to turn in or out. Bend your knees to about 30 degrees. Tighten your leg muscles. Now jump onto the box. It should be a light jump i.e. not producing a heavy impact when you land on the box. Now bend your knees again and jump onto the floor. Face the box again and repeat. Do twenty repetitions of this exercise (jumping onto then off the box). Take a short break then repeat for another twenty repetitions. Go for a total of three box jump sets. If you can't finish all the reps, that's allright; do as many as you can.

As you practice the box jump, you'll become better coordinated and stronger. After several weeks, you can increase the height by another six inches. The box jump will increase overall body strength, the testosterone boost will be good for both your lower and upper body strength development. This will have carryover benefits to deadlifts, squats, and benching exercises.

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