Monday, October 10, 2011

How To Do Step Ups



Today I'm going to show you a simple body weight exercise for the lower body. Often times people neglect leg training, focusing on the chest, arms, and back. The thing is we need strong legs. If your legs are weak, it will definitely stall your overall development. And some of the best leg training exercises can be done without weights. Which is why I'm talking about the step up. Why is this exercise so important? The benefits of the step up exercise include:

  • strong quads
  • strong glutes
  • strong hamstrings
  • strong calves
How To Do Step Ups

You'll need an elevated platform for this exercise (crates, aerobic steps or bench). Make sure the platform is sturdy enough to support your body weight. Stand in front of the platform. Now place your right foot on it and step up. Next bring your left leg up. By now both feet should be on the platform. Now step down, left leg first followed by the right leg. Do this for twenty reps then take a short break. Rest a moment then do twenty more reps. Because this is a basic exercise, I recommend performing a total of one hundred reps (spread over five sets).

You should do step ups on a regular basis, you'll begin to notice your legs have become stronger and more toned. The  exercise can also be done in conjunction with lunges, and the leg press, for good lower body development. There are also carryover benefits to squats and deadlifts.

Chemical Romance has a motivational song about making your voice heard and doing things from the heart. You're on this website because you want to learn more about exercise. You might feel self conscious about the way you look right now, maybe even angry about it. You can do something about that. Train for yourself. Workout to make yourself stronger and healthier. Do it from the heart.

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