Monday, November 14, 2011

Great Chest and Whole Body Workouts How To Do Barbell Ab Rollouts



Last week, as part of my ongoing campaign to increase your knowledge of abdominal exercises, I introduced you to knee ab rollouts. This time I'm going to show you how to do barbell ab rollouts which are a more advanced version of the previous exercise.

How To Do Barbell Ab Rollouts

You'll need an Olympic bar and a pair of weight plates (10 lb or 25 lb plates) for this exercise. Place the barbell on the floor just in front of your feet. Now bend down and grasp the bar with both hands. Make sure that your knees are slightly bent. Next, roll the barbell away from your body so that your arms are fully extended. This action positions your body parallel to the floor. Now use your abdominal muscles to reverse direction. As you roll back, you'll return to the initial position. That's one repetition. Repeat this nine more times, take a short break. That's your first set. Repeat this exercise for a total of five sets. After that you can do other exercises.

Performing ab rollouts alongside dragon flags, dumbbell side bends will help strengthen your abdominal muscles. This has many benefits including good posture, minimizes chances of back injury, and aesthetics.

Chemical Romance's "Sing It Out Loud" encourages you to be assertive, the same concept applies to physical fitness. If you want to become stronger and healthier, you've got to forge ahead even when your own body wants to quit. Keep at it and you'll see results.

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