Monday, November 7, 2011

How To Do Knee Ab Roll Outs



Today I'm going to introduce you to the ab rollouts. Ab exercises are fantastic because they strengthen your abs which in turn improves posture and minimizes back trouble. Ab rollouts are good because they do this with the use of barbells, ab rollers, dumbbells or Swiss balls. This class of exercises is key to strength training, so now is the time to learn them.

Before we get started I want you to know something. If you're overweight and hoping this exercise is going to get you a six pack, forget it. For all your training, if you've got a lot of body fat, you won't be able to see your six pack. For people in the high body fat category, you'll need to incorporate cardio exercises into your workout routine (e.g. elliptical machine, stair climbing) to burn off the excess calories.

How To Do Knee Ab Roll Outs

You'll need a pair of flat plate dumbbells (five pounds each) for this exercise (you can also do the exercise with an ab roller). Get down on your knees and place the dumbbells on the floor just in front of you. Make sure there is approximately one centimeter space between the dumbbells. While keeping the dumbbells on the floor, grasp one in each hand. Roll outward so that your arms are extended in front of you. Now, use your ab muscles to roll the dumbbells backward until the dumbbells are touching your knees. That's one rep. Perform this exercise for twenty reps then stop for fifteen seconds. Repeat twenty more reps then go again. Take another short break and do another twenty rollouts. After you've completed three sets, you're done with this exercise.

Performing ab rollouts in conjunction with side bends, hanging obliques, bicycle crunches, etc. will give you incredibly powerful abs. This will have carryover advantages to your deadlifts, push ups, and even chin up exercises.  

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