Monday, April 23, 2012

How To Do Assisted Chest Dips



Dips are among the best upper body exercises, but novices and people with underdeveloped muscles may find them especially difficult. So today I'm going to teach you how to perform assisted dips.

How To Do Assisted Chest Dips

You'll need an assisted dip machine for this exercise. Most assisted machine have a lever attached to weights. To minimize chances of injury insert the pin into a heavier setting, because this will support your body weight. Now, step onto the machine. Grasp the handles. Place both feet on the lever. Make sure that you lean forward at a 30 degree angle, this action forces your chest muscles to do most of the work. Once you're on the lever, your body weight will force it downward. Now, use the muscles in your shoulders and triceps to push yourself upward. Stop just before your elbows lock. Now, lower yourself down to the starting position. That's one rep. Repeat this for nine more reps then take a short break. Perform a second set of ten reps then stop.

As you become stronger, insert the pin into lighter weight settings, this will force your body to do more work. Eventually, you'll become strong enough to graduate to unassisted dips.

Chest dips on the assisted machine are less challenging than performing them without any help. Because the machine will be doing much of the work for you, progress will be slower compared to people performing unassisted chest dips. But people whom are extremely overweight, have underdeveloped upper body strength, etc. still need to exercise their upper body muscles, which makes assisted dips an important part of their exercise regimen.

The advantages of assisted chest dips include:

  • safety
  • less strain on the shoulders
  • teaches the novice proper form
  • strengthens the pectoral muscles
Because exercise is important for overall health, I recommend that you incorporate strength training as part of your regular lifestyle.

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