Monday, April 2, 2012

How To Do Assisted Chin Ups



A couple of weeks ago I showed you how to do assisted pull ups, now I'm going to show you how to do assisted chin ups. These exercises are most effective for people with underdeveloped upper body strength.

How To Do Assisted Chin Ups

There are two ways to perform assisted chin ups - using a lever machine or getting someone to spot you. Today we're going to focus on the lever. Most machines come with adjustable weights. You should put the weight on a high setting because this will support your body weight during the exercise. Next, climb onto the machine. Grasp the bars with a supinated grip i.e. palms facing toward from you. Place your feet on the lever. Your weight should push the lever downward in a slow, controlled fashion. Now, use the muscles in your upper back, shoulders and biceps to pull yourself upward until your chin is above the bar. Make sure that your feet are firmly planted on the lever at all times. Once you've pulled your chin above the bar, lower yourself back down again. That's one rep. Repeat this for the desired number of reps.

Assisted chin ups will strengthen your biceps, abs and upper back. Start off with three sets of five reps. Do this for a couple of weeks, but as you become stronger gradually increase the number of repetitions. After six weeks, test yourself by doing an regular chin up. If you can perform at least one regular chin up, that's a sign that your body is strong enough to pull its own weight. So from that point on, concentrate on the unassisted chin ups exercise.

Body weight exercises aren't as easy as some people think. Some heavy lifters still struggle with basic chin ups, so don't feel discouraged if you aren't able to do them your first time around. If you keep at it, doing the exercise on a weekly basis, you'll develop the strength to do them.

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